Network Cabling

The low-voltage physical infrastructure has become a critical link in the delivery of reliable high-performance business services. Unitec combines wired and wireless components with our professional staff to accommodate all your cabling needs from Design to Completion.

Service Overview

At Unitec, we understand that your network is a critical part of your operations. Our technicians utilize the latest certification testing tools to ensure your network is running at its highest speed.

We offer a gamut of low voltage services that include structured cabling, access control and the latest surveillance systems. We offer data center buildouts and telecom cleanups, installation, and repair of cabling for data, video, phone, and fiber. Our indoor and outdoor wireless access points use the latest technology to create wireless solutions and to optimize existing networks avoiding dead zones. Our end-to-end surveillance systems integrates with your existing IP network for a complete one-stop solution.

  • Technology Spaces (Server Rooms, Risers, MPOEs, MDFs, BDFs and IDFs)
  • Intra- and Inter-building Cable Pathways-Conduits, Cable Trays
  • Wireless Networks Indoor /Outdoor Access Points & Extenders
  • Video Distribution Systems -CATV, SAT, IPTV
  • Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)
  • HID Access Control Systems
  • Intercom Solution & Code Blue
  • Surveillance Security Systems