Engineering & Design

Unitec is founded on the idea that the success of any project starts with strong engineering and intelligent design. To deliver exceptional results, our designers pay meticulous attention to detail and work diligently to anticipate potential constraints and challenges. By working collaboratively, Unitec's team of Engineers, Drafters, Permit expeditors, Construction and Project Managers are able to leverage the collective knowledge and experience of its members, delivering exceptional results and setting a benchmark for excellence in the industry.

Service Overview

We offer a comprehensive range of services to cater to your business needs. Our Business-as-Usual (BAU) design work ensures smooth operations and optimal performance for your infrastructure. Our expertise extends to OSP Fiber Engineering and Design, where we specialize in developing efficient and reliable fiber optic solutions for projects of any size. We excel in FTTX project design and its configurations including fiber to the premises/home/unit/building and fiber to the cabinet/node. Additionally, our team specializes in addressing the unique challenges of Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) setups, delivering tailored solutions that meet the demands of business and residential complexes in multi-unit buildings.


  • Site Survey Analysis and Mapping
  • Fiber Optic Network Design (FTTP/FTTH/FTTU/FTTB, FTTC/N)
  • MDU Riser Design
  • Wireless Design
  • Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CADD)
  • Permit Drawings, Red lines and As-Builts
  • Permit Application and Expediting (City, County, FDOT, SFWM, DEP, Railroad, USACE)
  • Certified MOT Drawings & Traffic Management Plans