Build Capabilities

We specialize in turnkey constructing of telecom networks that seamlessly traverse roads, highways, railroads, and bodies of water, both underground and overhead, to connect directly to end users’ buildings, businesses, and homes. Comprehensive solutions ensure efficient and reliable connectivity that withstands the test of time throughout its life cycle.

Service Overview

With decades of experience, we excel at evaluating projects to provide cost-effective solutions for constructing reliable networks, both overhead and underground. As a certified underground utility and excavation contractor, we own and operate a complete line of equipment to expertly install various utility systems. Our specialization lies in utilizing the preferred minimal impact method of horizontal drilling (directional bore) using innovative technology that includes ground penetrating radar (GPR) to complete projects with precision while adhering to the highest industry regulations.

We are certified by industry leading manufacturers to build a robust copper/fiber optic infrastructure that is dependable and scalable. We build distribution systems ranging from data centers all the way into the customer premises working multiple sites concurrently to meet any time frame required by our clients. Count on Unitec for high quality construction solutions to fit your needs.

  • Estimating, Cost Evaluation and Bill of Materials (BOM) Creation
  • Aerial Distribution, Splicing and Activation
  • Directional Drilling, Missile Boring, Open Trench
  • Conduit Placement, Cabinets, Pedestals, and Vaults
  • Fiber Optic (2-864 Ct.), Coaxial placement, Splicing and Activation
  • ISP Distribution Systems: MDU Riser, Commercial & Residential Projects
  • Core Drilling, Concrete and Asphalt Restoration